This was an interesting project. I met drummer Hugh Barlow in Florida.  He was a protege of the great drummer Barrett Deams who played with Louie Armstrong and i also worked with Barrett on various jazz festivals .  Hugh was also a master cymbal maker and a fine artist and the album cover you see is his painting.  He told me he would like to start a record label and i had done one album for him “Exclamation” so I produced this album. I got the best jazz players i knew in Florida Bubba Kolb on Piano who was working with Ira Sullivan and Charlie Silva great bass player working up at Disney.  No written arrangements and we recorded this direct to 2 track stereo which meant almost no mixing.  I put together a set list like i would do on a jazz gig and showed up at the studio and talked down each arrangement.  Driving to the studio that day in Tampa with my wife Diana this melody came into my head and i realized Summertime would fit nicely with the classic Miles Davis arrangement of all blues. I told the rhythm section you play “All Blues” and i will play “Summertime” and it will all work out and it became the title tune of the album track 2.   Glenn

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