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Glenn Zottola Kirby Jones “Princess Wave”

From Kirby Jones who wrote this song :

I recalled incidentally, when I happened to be living in Tokyo, Japan in about 1987, Princess Diana came to visit. There was a big buzz about it and so the day she was suppose make a drive-by appearance in the street, I decided to go see what the fuss was all about. So I carefully walked down close to the road where she was suppose to pass and waited patiently expecting a slow procession to gracefully drive by. After some time I noticed a stirring in the crowd signaling that Princess Diana was about to arrive. All of a sudden a car came whipping across my view but not as a slow procession; it was more of a 35 mile an hour race — I was taken by surprise! But … there was Princess Diana, and then … she waved. That in itself made it an experience! :-

Glenn Zottola “I cover The Waterfront” from the movie.

This recording was done a new mouthpiece just sent to me by Theo Waynne the “Ambika”. Having worked with Frank Sinatra , Tony Bennet , Mel Torme and Ella Fitzgerald , Joe Williams and many others that vintage and nuanced sound of Coleman Hawkins , Ben Webster , Gene Ammons and Stan Getz is very important to me. I would like to applaud Theo Waynne for his dedication and accomplishments and Bryan Vance General Manager for his incredible care and service. This beautiful arrangement is by my good friend Alan McPike in Scotland. This video was done by my good friend Zvonimir Tosic in Australia.

Glenn Zottola “Elkhart Jazz Festival 1991” featuring Frank Foster , Red Holloway and Butch Miles.

This was a cassette given to me by someone in the audience excuse the fidelity. This is a classic jam session format which you might not see in this day and age let me explain. I was leading a quintet at the Elkhart Jazz Festival and I had the great Red Hollyway on alto and tenor and the great Butch Miles in the band Basie alumni. Frank Foster was on the bill leading the Basie band. When Frank finished his set he came in to hear my set. I saw him in the audience and invited him up on stage. Here is what occurred from the inside on this tune. I played the first solo on trumpet then Red on Alto. When Red and Frank started trading at the end of the tune I got inspired so picked up my alto and Red put down his alto and grabbed his tenor so you have 3 saxophone’s trading Frank on tenor , Red on tenor and me on alto. Then I switch back to trumpet to take the tune out !!

Glenn Zottola “What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life”

My good friend David Pomeranz multi platinum song writer sent this track to Alan Bergman who won 2 academy award’s and wrote the lyrics to this beautiful Michel Legrand song and he gave me this wonderful comment which was heartwarming. By the way the picture is my daughter and her husband from their wedding on a beautiful ship in Newport Beach great times.

“What a wonderful rendition of the song.  It is great to hear a jazz sax player with feeling.  He has a great sound “ Alan Bergman

Glenn Zottola, born in Port Chester, New York, is an American jazz trumpeter and saxophonist. Zottola is known for his work with Lionel Hampton, the Benny Goodman Sextet and Bob Wilber, and has played for a broad range of vocalists, including Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson , Tony Bennett , Mel Torme , Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Williams. He has recorded over 50 albums, performed at major jazz festivals throughout the world, and was a featured soloist at Benny Goodman’s Carnegie Hall 50th Anniversary in 1988. In 1995, Zottola was band leader on the Suzanne Somers daytime TV Talk Show at Universal Studios. Recently he has recorded a series of albums on the the Classic Jazz record label paying tribute to jazz legends including Charlie Parker, Miles Davis ,Stan Getz, Clifford Brown and Ben Webster. The most recent album, Glenn Zottola “A Jazz Life,” is a 2 CD anthology of selected tracks with many celebrities including Chick Corea, Suzanne Somers and many more.