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This was an interesting project. I met drummer Hugh Barlow in Florida.  He was a protege of the great drummer Barrett Deams who played with Louie Armstrong and i also worked with Barrett on various jazz festivals .  Hugh was also a master cymbal maker and a fine artist and the album cover you see is his painting.  He told me he would like to start a record label and i had done one album for Continue reading Summertime


This is the first album I did for drummer Hugh Barlow who I met in Florida.  John Lamb was a rock solid and bass amazing player and was with Duke Ellington for 16 years.  Hugh wanted a jam session feel and sound like early Prestige and Blue Note recordings so there were no charts and we just did it.  Bob De Angeles sweet guy and wonderful player got that early 1950s Coltrane sound when he was Continue reading Exclamation!