Glenn Zottola Mouthpiece

Glenn Zottola Legends Series MouthpieceI am very proud that RS Berkeley has released a copy of my trumpet mouthpiece, the “Glenn Zottola Trumpet Mouthpiece” as part of their their “Legend Series” now available at select retailers around the world.

The story behind the mouthpiece
In 1952, while walking through a quiet New England woods Frank Zottola came upon a smoothly flowing stream. Subconsciously, his musician’s ear noticed that it was producing a dark and diffused tonal quality. As he wandered along a little further where periodic rock obstructions on the stream’s bed interrupted the water’s flow creating turbulence, he became aware of the increase in brilliance and a compactness of sound. When the stream finally broke into a waterfall, crashing on the descending steps, the pitch, intensity and volume reached its maximum. At that moment, he had a realization that this natural phenomenon could be extended to a practical application in mouthpiece design. He believed that a stepped back-bore design might very well be what contemporary brass players have been searching for to solve their problem of ever increasing range and endurance demands.

I used my dad’s mouthpiece my entire career. I loved the way his patented “step back bore” assisted the upper register.  In 1979 I went to him and asked for some slight modifications. I wanted the same ease in the upper register that the step back bore gave me but with no resistance and a very free blow for a very fat sound.  He worked on this and came up with a modification to the tunnel leading into the back bore. The result was spectacular and exactly what I wanted.  He stamped it January 1979.  This became my signature sound for the rest of my career and was not available in his standard line.  My dad  was a beautiful man and master mouthpiece maker and was loved by all.   I would like to thank Les Silver and RS Berkeley for helping me to pay tribute to my dad Frank Zottola with the release of this mouthpiece.

You can buy it online at Amazon or at RS Berkeley dealers around the world or call 1-800-974-3909

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37 thoughts on “Glenn Zottola Mouthpiece

  1. Hey glen
    Your dad was a true genius
    Davinci like and beyond
    A pleasure to know and your mom too
    For,ar tenant downstairs Larry Garvey
    W the Mazda car shop
    Taught me many facts of life
    Including wine making
    A good man
    One of the few

  2. Hi Glenn, As you know I knew your father for many years, as a landlord and good friend. He would never refuse to help you with anything you asked. Your mother also,what a saint. Miss them greatly. Never be another pair like them. Tim F.

    1. Hi Claudio ! Don’t know where you can get my dads mouthpiece except the copy of mine from RS Berkeley but that is a 62C with a special backbore my dad did for me. I played that mouthpiece my whole career.

  3. I am in Norfolk, England. I have in my hand a Zottola 62C rescued from a Chinese beginners trumpet that was slated for disposal with other garbage from a closed down primary (grade) school. Thanks to the magic of the Internet I now see this is a mouthpiece of some interest and will keep it.
    (The Chinese trumpet, probably not 😉 ) Best wishes.

      1. Amazing! I’m no trumpeter (I play tuba) but I’ll look after it and hopefully pass it on to a deserving young player in due course 😉

  4. Hi Glen: I’m Cal Stewart talked to your dad several times. I’m currently using a 64B cornet mouthpiece with an adapter in my pocket trumpet. How does your piece compare with the 64?
    I have a 64E and a 64D trumpet piece as well as a 62D cornet piece that I don’t need.

      1. Hi again: I would like to get a trumpet piece rather than use the adapter, but I really like the 64B so I would like the new piece to feel as close to that as possible. Do you think your new piece would be close?

    1. I,ll buy the Zottolla 64E trumpet mouthpiece if you sell it . I’ ve using them for the last 40 years. Email me.

    2. Cal if you still have tha 64E trumpet mouthpiece I ‘ll buy it from you. I ‘ve using Zottollas for the last 40 years. Email me.

      1. Hi Cal ! The only mouthpiece available is a copy of my personal mouthpiece sold by RS Berkeley. It is a 62C with a special backbore my dad made for me. Best,Glenn

    1. Ahoy: Darn. Did your dad really play left handed as in the photo? I’m playing lefty due to arthritis (3 operations) and now a murmur in my right hand. Hope all is well there. Cal

  5. Hello Glenn: Cal Stewart here. Do you by any chance have any of Dad’s trombone mouthpieces? I have a valve bone and am interested if any are available. Hope all is well there.

  6. Hi Glen, I bought your RS Berkeley MP and will be spending some time with it now. I also have the 64B from decades ago. Can you explain what is meant by the step back bore? Thank You, Gary

  7. I was listening to “Killing Time” on the Maxine Sullivan album “Together” which led me here. What an extraordinary player you are, sir. My son plays trumpet and I will try to save up for one of your mouthpieces. Much respect.

    1. Thanks Daniel ! Maxine was a special friend and such a great artist to make music with. So great you are supporting your son with his music. If you call RS Berkeley regarding the mouthpiece speak to Les Silver the president i real nice guy and mention my name and hopefully he will give you a discount. Best, Glenn

      1. Thank you, Glenn! I will definitely reach out to Mr. Silver once I have the funds to make the purchase. I take my son to Nighttown whenever Dominick Farinacci is playing and he also got to meet Ernie Krivda and see him play there, so I’m giving him all the exposure to live jazz that I can. He’s 14 and loves the instrument, studies privately at Baldwin Wallace and plays up in his high school marching band. If you’re ever playing in Cleveland please let us know and we will definitely attend your show! All the best, Daniel

  8. that’s so great Daniel ! I haven’t been to Cleveland since the blizzard of 77 ! I was there playing lead trumpet with the original broadway show Chicago 🙂 Will let you know if I return I have some good musician friends from Cleveland.

    1. That’s fantastic! I remember the blizzard of ’77 well, I was just a kid and it left a lifelong impression on me. “Chicago” has certainly had quite the run since that time! I do hope you can make it back to Cleveland, my dear friend Bill Rudman speaks so highly of you and your work. All the best to you.

    1. Yes that is the same Bill Rudman! Is there a way to send you a private message? I can send you his email if so, we just chatted this morning.

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