6 thoughts on “Glenn Zottola “Music Video”

  1. Glenn Zottola never fails to deliver an inspiring and awesome performance. His music is shear joy. His new album ranks with some of the best jazz recorded.


  2. Glenn Zottola never gives anything but the best and this new video proves it. Thanks Glenn for all the great music and your five star performance. Loved it.


  3. Wow, that was beautiful Glenn, I really enjoyed it. A gifted musician who can express his musical ideas and create a remarkable mood on the trumpet as well as the tenor sax. Nothing less than 5 stars.


    1. Wow thanks Joe that means a lot from you. Love to have you make a comment on You Tube if you have time my producer said they are important. After 6 decades in music I really see the value of added the visual to the audio especially in today’s world. A new video comes out on Tuesday on Chicks “Crystal Silence” I will copy you.


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