Glenn Zottola “Cottontail”

It is so heartwarming having great players like Terry Gibbs , Lew Tabackin and Ron Aprea compliment me. Most of the great players I admired and made me who I am musically and kept me going are gone now. This is my first pro session in Manhattan. I just moved there as a very young lad and was kind of the new kid in town and playing at a jazz club on 54th street Eddie Condon’s. A record producer Harry Lim who used to work for Keynote records and did some very famous sessions came in and said I like your playing would like to do a session for me. I said sure he didn’t tell what it was just when and where to show up. He started his own record label Famous Door and I ended up doing a dozen albums or more for him. I walk in the session and my jaw drops who is there John Bunch , George Mraz , Mousey Alexander , Phil Wilson and Al Klink ! No rehearsal NY energy at it’s best sink or swim !!

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