Glenn Zottola Playing Tenor and Trumpet with the Bechet Legacy

I was amazed to find this on you tube and as never knew I played saxophone with the Bechet Legacy and I am sure this is the only time.  When I was on the road in Europe with The Classic Jazz Trio around 1991 a group just released on CD called “Jazz Titans” on the Classic Jazz Records the promoter rented a tenor for me and I can only assume I did this date with the Bechet Legacy around the same time that we were touring with the trio.  Wow it is fun finding these things and I have to “confess” no pun intended having the audience appreciate your work like this and give a standing ovation is very rewarding !  It’s also great after all these years I finally got the oppurtunity to do a full tenor album which will be out shortly on the Music Minus One Label.   Glenn

Bechet Legacy In Europe

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