Charlie Parker Tribute Released


My Charlie Parker Tribute is finally released.   It is available on the Music Minus One website with a book that includes my solo transcriptions and a CD  that includes tracks to play along for musicians.  It was also be available for track downloads shortly on iTunes.  All the tracks can be heard on my website in full (go to the album tab above) and on the MMO website for audition.   Anyone who would like to review this album on the MMO website i would appreciate that.   A lot of love went into this project I hope you enjoy it go to link below to review.  thanks , Glenn



Beautiful tribute to the master alto saxophonist. Glenn is indeed a deciple of Charlie Parker, and seems comfortable in the bebop world and in the style of its creator. I wish you much success.Review by Ron Aprea
Location: NY


My review of Glenn Zottola’s MMO albums.

I Got Rhythm, Too Marvelous For Words and a sneak peek at Tribute to Charlie Parker

The two tenor saxophone albums I Got Rhythm and Too Marvelous For Words should be in the collection of all aspiring jazz saxophonists for with these you will have, in my opinion, a serious study tool for acquiring your own style.

Glenn has somehow magically assimilated the best of the best without any formal or academic analysis but rather by intense admiration and a tremendous amount of what I like to refer to as the “old school sink or swim method” of acquiring mastery.

What I’m saying is whether Glenn is playing “in the style of” Louis Armstrong (on trumpet, of course) Stan Getz, Sonny Rollins or Charlie Parker, it’s not just an “impression” and never a “forgery” but rather a respectful creation “after” the admired earlier master.
As brothers we have always exchanged ideas including “sneak previews” of our recordings as I was to Glenn’s soon to be released Tribute to Charlie Parker.
I’ll single out one track only because it was inspired by one of Bird’s most beautiful solos and that is Embraceable You. Here Glenn captures the essence of Bird’s unique rhythmical and harmonic melodic lines without ever quoting him!

This is nothing new in the art world for all the masters had their idols whom they would always credit with being their great inspiration. So, when in this rapturous state of admiration they would paint a picture (many times in a museum) and although it was based on the masterpiece, it was not a copy and usually signed “After Rembrandt” or “After Leonardo”

What you have with Glenn’s albums is not just a fine player laying down the melody and then blowing a couple of “hot choruses” but a thoughtful, dare I say, soulful presentation that smacks of an authentic jazz club performance in the Big Apple during the Hay Day of Jazz!

Bottom line, this is something for the aspiring jazz player to not only gain inspiration but as a bonus get to “interact” with some of the finest rhythm tracks ever recorded!

Bob Zottola March 19, 201Review by Bob Zottola


I love this Tribute. Glenn captures the essence of Charlie Parker’s music here. The feeling is warm and nurturing. You are experiencing true musical beauty of the highest order. Close your eyes and listen as he takes you on a magical journey of the senses. Experience Glenn Zottola’s intimate impression of the musical father of American modern Jazz. The transcriptions offer a documentation in written form that will give the listeners and musicians an added avenue for exploration. This is an incredible opportunity for the avid jazz aficionado. Thank you Maestro Zottola! Bravo!Review by Chuck Corbisiero


Vicki Felina I find Glenn Zottola’s expressive quality outstanding among the brilliant. A truly masterful interpretation of beloved Charlie Parker classics, respectful yet still fresh and new. Already a favourite in my home. I got to hear ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’, as if for the first time, and fell in love with it again. Thank you!Review by Vicki Felina


I’ve listened to most of what Glenn has played over the years. He’s always had a pure and beautiful tone on both trumpet and sax and an ability to express the essence of a song with truth and soulfulness. And here as well but with an even more silkiness to the sound and approach, a’la Bird! As a vocalist, vocal teacher and radio show host I will play this and recommend to my students, listeners and friends. Great job, amazing playing Glenn. Thank you!
Review by Nikki Armstrong


Glenn Zottola is one of the finest musicians on the scene today. His tone and phrasing along with his swinging lines speak for themselves . Playing along with these beautiful and lush orchestrations will inspire all to play at a high level. Always steal from the best!!! Listen to Glenn’s lines and make some your own . Great Job Glenn .Review by Jazzjamster11



Having listened to Glenn Zottola’s wonderful take on these great tunes – tone, feel, sensitive and lyrical yet incredibly inventive playing – I can only say that anyone looking for a wonderful role model to learn from and listen to should look no more!
Review by Alan McPike – Scotland

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