White Elephant 1974

In 1974 I brought a group into a restaurant in Rye, NY called The White Elephant.  I had various bands and guest artists and I was there quite awhile.  I will post various segments as I convert them from reel to reel as I brought in a tape recorder and recorded weekly.  This was an interesting period in my musical development and I was doing some “stretching out” as we call it and experimenting and definitely a creative period for me at 26 years old and wild,  looking back on it.   These band had some wonderful players Don Friedman , Duke Jorden , Johnny Morris on Piano , Bill Crows and Linc Milliman on Bass and Mike Resnikoff on Drums and guests like Frank Stroiser and Bob Mover.   Enjoy ! Glenn

I got Rhythm :

2 thoughts on “White Elephant 1974

  1. HI glenn, Very cool ! I remember the place and it brings back such great memories. Talk to you soon. Hope all is Well.Allan


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