My “Kid” Christmas Album

Sleigh Ride

I was part of a jazz band when i was a kid check out the photo above just sent to me i guess i was destined to be a bandleader !  We had a ball and did a Christmas Album organized by pianist Stu Hemmingway a student of Bill Evans at the time..  Also we won a competition for the Stamford High School Jazz band led by Russ Martino who was the director and played the Atlantic City Jazz festival with Gerry Mulligan , Dinah Washington and many other jazz stars.  I didn’t live in Stamford and wasn’t in high school as you can see and I was “imported” from Portchester NY into that band !  I remember vividly being in the wings at the festival waiting to go on mesmerized watching the great Dinah Washington a real diva sing her big hit of the day “What a difference a day makes” like it was last night.   I recently hooked up with a good friend who was the saxophone player during that period Rod Blumenau second from the front in the picture and trombonist Dave Barnebl in front the “main reindeer pulling the sled. and he was very strong and i didn’t have to use the “rod” in my right hand too much at all.  Rod Blumenau is not only a wonderful saxophone player but also a pianist with several CDs out himself.  I will be posting more tracks from the albums i did during that period but here is one from the Christmas album. As a piece of trivia we recorded this at Nola Penthouse in NY one of the finest studios and 22 years later i did my Christmas Album in the same studio. Glenn

Greensleeves :

8 thoughts on “My “Kid” Christmas Album

  1. Hi Glenn
    Even at that early age you were methodical.
    It was just something in your blood and it’s still there but it seems like it’s getting more intense ?
    Keep up the good work I’m sending it to everyone they just love it.
    Allan G


  2. Two questions about this Christmas recording…How old were you? Why are you not wearing shoes or boots in the winter?
    You sound so great even then, years beyond, miles beyond even some of the mature and established players of that time. I really enjoyed hearing that!
    Nikki Armstrong


    1. thanks very nice !! Good point on the shoes maybe not to scratch the car ? I was either 14 or 16. On the way to the session i borrowed a fluegal horn and mouthpiece from Bob unheard of !!!


  3. Is that the Kord your father used to have? or the one he made that he used to drive with you around Port Chester…the “go kart” thing…across from the Connolly house, next to the Vernay house…oldest one in Port Chester. I remember trying to start that @#@$# model airplane and going to visit your dads fractory, where they made those mouth pieces, and your brother Bob had a night club….


      1. We lived on N. Regent street.. My Parents now live in Durham, NC. My brother Brian lives with them. I live in Arlington, Vt. with my wife Jean. Daughter Beth lives in Burlington, Vt., my brother Gary lives in Durham with some of his family.
        Nice to see how well you did, or..are doing!. No surprise of course , as the talent flows in your family!. I am visiting Durham, My mom passed away recently, and we are visiting with my Dad and brother Brian.
        Take care..
        Um..lets see, we may still have a shoe shine kit your father gave to me..donno..but did have it for years. Quite the clever man, and ..musician.
        Nice hearing from you..
        Bob Mead


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