NAMM 2013

Glenn Zottola Legends SeriesVery exciting at NAMM this weekend with RS Berkeley as they released the Glenn Zottola Trumpet Mouthpiece Model.  Also a real tribute to my dad who was a master brass mouthpiece maker. In 1979 I went to my dad to make some modifications to meet all my demands. I wanted a mouthpiece that would give me the fire in the upper register but also a fat warm sound across the horn. This became a one of a kind mouthpiece and was never released in his standard line up. I played this mouthpiece my whole career on over 40 jazz albums and touring the world , Carnegie Hall and on network Television and it has served me well in every possible setting.  RS Berkeley is a cutting edge instrument company producing incredible Saxophones with Vintage quality that no longer exists.  They also have started a Legend mouthpiece line for both Saxophone and Trumpet making available copies of the actual mouthpieces of the greatest jazz legends in history. My hats off to Les Silver the president of RS Berkeley for all he has done for all artists and music and continues to do so.  Thank you Les from all of us.  Glenn

3 thoughts on “NAMM 2013

  1. Congratulations Mr. Zottola !
    That’s wonderful news about your father he’s earned every bit of that recognition along with your family.
    Allan W Gackstetter


  2. Glenn Great news Congratulations. May I send this to all your band brothers here New York? Allan G.


    United – Productions A G. ASSOCIATES


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