Salute To Count Basie

I was rummaging through old LPs out of print and found this album I did for Butch Miles for Famous Door Records.  It was a great album with Basie alumni, the great Freddie Green on guitar, Frank Wess , Milt Hinton etc.   I remember dragging a tenor sax to the session along with my trumpet.  Harry Lim, the producer said in the liner notes, “Glenn Zottola is experimenting with tenor and this is his first recorded solo on the tenor”, which it was.  Harry was very gracious allowing me to do these kind of things off the cuff at a session no less.  You will hear 2 tenors trading back and forth, Frank Wess and George Anders and then I play the last solo 2 choruses on tenor from the trumpet section after the short ensemble break , what a sight seeing a trumpet player standing up in the trumpet section taking a tenor solo !!  Count Basie was probably the most beloved bandleader in history.  I will never forget the first and only time I met him.  I was playing the warm up act for his big band with my quintet.  I came off stage after my set and as I was walking past his dressing room I hear this voice “young man, young man come in here”.   I walk in and there he is smiling and for another generation it’s like seeing Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson.  He says “You’ve been listening to Pops”  and I say yes for sure.  He says “You sound great don’t change anything keep doing exactly what you are doing”.  I couldn’t believe Count Basie took the time out to compliment me like that and I was in heaven.

I Can’t Believe You Are In Love With Me :

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