Glenn Zottola “Christmas in Jazz Time”

Christmas in Jazztime

I loved doing this Christmas Album with all my friends and some real legends here that are no longer with us. Everyone was extremely busy on the road etc. with various bands so i scheduled the session in NYC on a day everyone was in town. We did the entire album in 7 hours straight unheard of !  Funny story there was a set up guy in the studio and after we were done he came up to me in shock. He said “i have never seen anything like this before and last week we had a rock band in here and they spent 1 full week trying to get a balance on the drums and you jusy did an entire album in 7 hours”. That’s what happens when you have total pros!

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Happy Holidays and enjoy!  Glenn

Some Trivia :

The verse to “White Christmas” written by Irving Berlin is seldom heard and If you listen to the lyrics you will hear the story on how he was in LA when he wrote it missing the holidays in NY and boy can i relate to that!!

Also when I was 14 years old I recorded a Jazz Christmas Album at Nola Penthouse one of the top studios in NY with a jazz quintet led by a dear friend Stuart Hemmingway who was a school mate and pianest from CT and was a student of Jazz Legend Bill Evans and now here i was in the same studio 25 years later doing a Jazz Christmas album.   Lifes cycles are amazing!

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