New Release And Time Travel To 52nd Street

This Tenor Album is something I have been wanting to do for quite awhile and there is a story behind it as you will see in the liner notes. This All Star Rhythm section was originally recorded in 1952 by Irv Kratka which launched the historic Music Minus One series and included jazz greats Kenny Clarke, Osie Johnson, Bobby Donaldson, Oscar Pettiford, Milt Hinton, Wilbur Ware, Jimmy Raney, Mundell Lowe, Barry Galbraith, Nat Pierce and Don Abney all who are on this album and were the players that were playing every night with legends like Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young and Stan Getz on what was called “The Street”.  When I was 9 years old being an “ear player” and having an aversion to practicing out of books I just wanted to make the music I already heard in my head and these records helped me shape my jazz style.  I took these same tracks from 1952  and recorded my tenor in Dec 2011 taking my own 55 year “time travel” journey.  I wanted the listener to experience a taste of the sound and spirit of 52nd street in NYC during the “Golden Age of Jazz”.  I want to thank Les Silver of RS Berkeley Instruments for providing me with the Virtuoso Vintage Tenor and Stan Getz Legend Mouthpiece both a joy to play for this album and Bev Getz for keeping her Dad’s legacy alive.  Check out these tracks from the upcoming album release and enjoy ! Glenn

Too Marvelous For Words

Three Little Words

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