Musician and Friends

What’s great about this small club called musicians is meeting others you share a common reality with. One such musician is Alan McPike from Scotland. I met Alan a few years ago when i was searching for someone to do arrangements for me. Not only is he a incredible pianist but a wonderful arranger and singer and a real gentleman. I suggest anyone who needs arrangements go to Alans website “” link on the right and contact him and you wont be disapponted. Check out this vocal he did one of my favorite songs “Don’t Go To Strangers” where i overdubbed my alto as i was so inspired by his soulful singing. Glenn

Dont Go To Strangers

4 thoughts on “Musician and Friends

  1. Hi Glenn, I have been a fan of Alan and his fabulous work for at least 5 years. I’ve used many of his trax to perform old favorites at nursing homes in the Atlanta Georgia area. I, however had not ever heard his voice. I stumbled into this site when I searched for any transcribers who have done his arrangements. I just heard his “Joe Mooney type” style of Don’t go to strangers. As though hearing him sing was not enough, the magnificent addition of your perfect fills reminded me of Scott Hamiltons ultra tastful work. This amazing work brought a tear to my eyes which only happens to me when I hear perfection. Thank you so very much,
    Russ Burke 90 yr old ex bassist/singer in Atlanta Georgia.


      1. What a delightful surprise to see your post. I read of your many fine Sax pieces and I am thrilled to know the music I have loved for these many years is not dead but still appreciated. Where do you call home? It seems most of your work is in the states but I have found great artists all over the world but you have to search them out. Cheers, Russ
        PS, do you happen to know where I might find any more of Alan’s vocals?


  2. thanks Russ I recently moving from Los Angeles to Florida. I just spoke to Alan today I think he mostly does vocals on live gigs not on his website. Great guy !!!


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