Ron Aprea

Ron is a great player and arranger he was with Lionel Hampton for many years.

I truly believe that you are a musical genius. How anyone can play alto, tenor, and trumpet on that level is mind boggling. You have no equals! A lot of great players, including my first teacher Bobby Tricarico, made a good living doing studio work. Bobby used to say “You wanna play jazz? Grow a beard and get an apartment in the Village.” Many of those cats were monster jazz players and nobody (other than a handful of musicians) knew who they were. I’m guessing you were in that elite group. And you made the right choice, but the jazz world suffered.

Comment fron Ron Aprea on my Chick Corea Tribute album :

I just listened to a couple of tracks and you sound fucking great! You should be on tour making $50K a week. I will be happy to post this link for you. Man, if this don’t get a GRAMMY they should level that building. Congratulations on this classic.


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