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Only Trust Your Heart

This was an album i totally forgot about.  I co-produced it with good friend Sonny Costanzo.  Great band and some nice material. Beside the Jobim material a great tune by Benny Carter “Only Trust Your Heart” and one by Gerry Mulligan “Parade Samba”.  Also a really nice paragraph on the back from Dave Brubeck who lived in Connecticut near Sonny, myself and Gerry Mulligan.

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On This Album I used Norris Turney who was the lead alto player in the Duke Ellington band.  Also I did a few originals one written by Harold Danko and another written by Mike Hall.  The great jazz writer and reviewer Leonard Feather gave this album 5 stars and remarked on my solo on “Stardust” that had Louis Armstong as inspiration which felt very good. Continue reading Stardust

Secret Love

This was a very special album with my daughter Christine on the front cover. I moved from Manhattan to Connecticut and didn’t want to travel so much anymore so I could spend more time at home with the family. It was a period of tremendous expansion as i started my own production company and teamed up with Bobby Rosengarden and went into the Rainbow Room in NY with my own Big band a first Continue reading Secret Love

Steamin’ Mainstream

This was a quartet i put together with some of my favorite players and one of my favorite bands.  I booked a 5 night a week jazz gig and then recorded a live album. That was the end of the band and we moved seperate ways Harold Danko doing his own band and Butch and I  joining Bob Wilber. Great quartet and can you believe Butch singing like this and playing at the same time wow ! The Continue reading Steamin’ Mainstream

Live at Eddie Condon’s

This was my first album recorded under my own name.  I picked some of my favorite players I had played with prior and had a rapport. The band never played together as a unit and there was no rehearsal for the album. I just went in with a set list like i do a jazz gig and called of tunes. Pretty amazing result !  Enjoy

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