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Dave Koz and Glenn Zottola Jamming On TV

I had a great time on the Suzanne Somers TV show at Universal Studios especially when musicians like Dave Koz showed up to jam. Rarely does a jazz musician get a chance to do that for 10s of millions of people every day which is quite a luxury. Suzanne truly loved the energy and music as you can see here. I felt I had the best band on TV at the time. Doug Walter on piano, Kirk Smith on bass and David Libman on drums and they could play anything I would throw at them in any musical genre. Pretty amazing guys and a real pleasure to work with !   Glenn

Ben Vereen and Glenn Zottola “The Joint Is Jumpin”

Ben is amazing what a talent !  I worked his act years ago and when he came on the show we had only about 40 minutes to work out a number and I did it without any music.  He had previously gotten hit by a car walking on Pacific Coast Highway at night and the doctors said he would not walk again let alone dance.  I guess he proved them wrong !!

Check it out !