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Dave Koz and Glenn Zottola Jamming On TV

I had a great time on the Suzanne Somers TV show at Universal Studios especially when musicians like Dave Koz showed up to jam. Rarely does a jazz musician get a chance to do that for 10s of millions of people every day which is quite a luxury. Suzanne truly loved the energy and music as you can see here. I felt I had the best band on TV at the time. Doug Walter on piano, Kirk Smith on bass and David Libman on drums and they could play anything I would throw at them in any musical genre. Pretty amazing guys and a real pleasure to work with !   Glenn

Hector Elizondo, Suzanne Somers and Glenn Zottola

Another Celebrity with hidden talents!  Turns out Hector was an old be bopper from NY.  It was always amazing to me how Suzanne could adapt to any situation!  Check out this King Pleasure / James Moody classic “Moody’s Mood for Love”.   Glenn

Ben Vereen and Glenn Zottola “The Joint Is Jumpin”

Ben is amazing what a talent !  I worked his act years ago and when he came on the show we had only about 40 minutes to work out a number and I did it without any music.  He had previously gotten hit by a car walking on Pacific Coast Highway at night and the doctors said he would not walk again let alone dance.  I guess he proved them wrong !!

Check it out !