Glenn Zottola Kirby Jones “Princess Wave”

From Kirby Jones who wrote this song :

I recalled incidentally, when I happened to be living in Tokyo, Japan in about 1987, Princess Diana came to visit. There was a big buzz about it and so the day she was suppose make a drive-by appearance in the street, I decided to go see what the fuss was all about. So I carefully walked down close to the road where she was suppose to pass and waited patiently expecting a slow procession to gracefully drive by. After some time I noticed a stirring in the crowd signaling that Princess Diana was about to arrive. All of a sudden a car came whipping across my view but not as a slow procession; it was more of a 35 mile an hour race — I was taken by surprise! But … there was Princess Diana, and then … she waved. That in itself made it an experience! :-

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