Another friend and Fan Century who unfortunately passed. She was around some of the great jazz legends. These kind of things warm my heart and make it all worth it.

Glenn- I’ve got some things that I think you should know. First of all I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and living with some greats of Jazz. Trane was so intense & could play so pretty with his ballads. Dexter was such a groover and played beautiful ballads. I knew him well. I could go on & on–but my point is you are as great a musician as any of them. You play with such passion & sweetness too on your ballads & then you really swing too. You were born with these talents & I’m sure you’ve worked your ass off practicing over the years. Lots of your passion comes from your Italian blood– I’m so serious about that. Plus I don’t know of anyone that plays 3 differant horns – all equally masterful. You are one of a kind.
I hope to God you win the Grammys. With all the talent that’s out now- you stand out as one of the greats. The young musicians try and play LIKE the greats of Jazz. You ARE one of the greats. I’ve never said these words to anyone before. I just wanted you to know how special you are.
You remind me of Philly Joe Jones– he grooved his ass off- but there was a prettiness in his playing. He is my favorite drummer. He use to stay at my house in LA when he was in town for a couple of years. George morrow too.
Anyway Glenn of course you should be on the Grammy Jazz committee, you know and play the real music called Jazz!
I’m so proud to know you.
Your Friend. Century

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