2 thoughts on “Glenn Zottola “I only have eyes for you” episode 2

  1. I liked that version of “Don’t go to strangers ” so much I bought it and a few more from Alan yesterday. Incidentally, I looked at some of your history and realized you are a superstar Musician. 655-MIAMI? I lived there in the 50s through 70s Wife (Connie Howell, Stage name, played Piano, Organ and Vibes (4 Mallet, only student of Adrian Rollini) . Earlier in NY she was part of Guitar player Frank Victor Quartet, then on the road as the Connie Howell Trio She transferred from 802 to 655 in the 50s. I was singing on the Beach and Causeway joints. Those were fun years with good 802 friends like Joe Mooney, a part of our life.
    I hope you keep busy as you want to, Miami is so different now I would probably get lost driving around. Keep Well!


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