5 thoughts on “Glenn Zottola “My Approach To Playing Jazz By Ear” Part 2

  1. I enjoyed hearing this. I remember you from the Ted Mack show when you finished on a high C. I was a kid struggling to hit a G above the staff. Decades later I found the MMO string arrangements from Clifford’s album. I play the backgrounds on my MP3 player and still work on my phrasing. I am 78 years old and I just ordered a new mouthpiece! Once I heard Louie on my dad’s 78s I’ve been at it ever since. I hope to hear more from you.


    1. Hi Brock ,
      Thanks good for you keep going ! On the Ted Mack show that last note was a G above high C. Maynard Ferguson saw that show and asked my dad if he could take me on the road as his protege as my dad was making a mouthpiece for him. My dad politely turned him down he wanted me to have a normal childhood which I did 🙂 Best, Glenn


      1. G above high C. I didn’t hit any of those until late in my college days… and not too often or consistently. I settled into my niche and became a Bobby Hackett, Chet Baker kind of guy! Regards, Brock


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