New Release – Glenn Zottola “Triple Play”

I can’t tell you what a joy it is reading a great jazz writers perceptions on my playing like Nick Mondello very rewarding and heartwarming :

triple play

New Release – Glenn Zottola CJ 41 “Triple Play” by Nick Mondello

When evaluating the finest of baseball talent, scouts refer to the the consummate ballplayers as “Five-Tool Players.” There’s no need for me to explain that, as you get the idea. However, when one evaluates the musical marvel that is Glenn Zottola, the assessment – whether quantitatively or qualitatively – is simply off the charts. Suffice to say that the guy is a true savant. First of all he’s a superior trumpeter, an outstanding saxophonist (alto and tenor, by the way), a world-class musical director and lastly a musician of impeccable taste across all of these. Oh, and he does it by ear, too! Rarely, with of course Benny Carter the other, has there been a trumpet-sax standout of Zottola’s caliber. And, it’s to our extreme benefit that we hear all of this talent effusively on “Triple Play.”
Zottola is at his most lyrical, expressive best here on 15 GAS and other selections “Moonlight in Vermont,” Darn that Dream,” et al). It really doesn’t matter which of the three horns is in his hands, Zottola’s joyous approach to melody, his gorgeous sound on all the axes, his savvy turns of improv and his impeccable taste all flow brilliantly throughout.
Some of the tracks presented here have been culled from other Zottola Classic Jazz releases. However, when they are juxtaposed with other material, they only serve to further amaze one at Zottola’s diverse talents. Whether it’s a small group or full strings component behind him, it’s all glorious music.
Remember when the melody and the music were the dominant attributes of a stellar recording? You know, the Gleason-Hackett material, for example? Well, don’t let anyone foolishly tell you that they don’t make ’em as they used to. Point them in this star’s direction. Trust me; they’ll thank you.

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