New Release 2015 – Glenn Zottola with Strings “Inspired By Ben Webster”

New Release 2015 – Glenn Zottola with Strings “Inspired by Ben Webster”

Zach Smart – Publicist for Classic Jazz Records

Ben Webster always had a split musical personality, On uptempo tunes the great tenor saxophone could sound quite intense and had a great affinity for intensified growls, screams, and high-pitched honks capable of jolting the crowd out of sleep. This was, at times, his calling card. To electrify the crowd and even send shockwaves was part of his natural image, a code of conduct that he subscribed to diligently and faithfully.
On the ballads, he morphed into a completely different personality. He had a softness about him when he began purring, often being likened to the harmless and soothing sound of a pussycat. He became enamored with his romantic side on ballads, playing with a soft and sweet touch that set the crowd’s mood. He made every sound resonate and touched the crowd in a heart-warming way, giving way to soft, kind feelings and romance.
Shaped by the persuasive ways of Coleman Hawkins, Webster could not rehydrate the majestic way in which he understood and located his chords.
In Ben Webster revisited, Glenn Zottola pays special devotion to honoring one of the influential legends of his time frame. He replicates the romantic, relaxed, and jubilant approach which defined Webster’s touch in his ballads.
Implementing feeling and nostalgia into each note, Zottola churns out a number of songs revisiting the romantic livelihood embodied by Webster.
Songs such as “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man,” “Blue Moon,” “Laura,” “Stardust,” and a bevy of others make this item complete. Zottola doesn’t replicate or revive the style of Webster as much as he captures the true nature of Webster’s romanticism.

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