Glenn Zottola – Carnegie Hall “Life Goes To A Party”

It was January 16th 1988 same day as the original concert and I found myself at Carnegie Hall to a packed house sitting in Harry James chair playing lead trumpet and jazz for the 50th anniversary of the historic Benny Goodman 1938 concert. Anyone who was at the concert in 1938 was allowed to sit on stage with the band. Playing next to Benny in his septet for 2 years every night prior set the stage for me for this event. As i was playing I could see decades dropping off the faces of those sitting on stage as they relived the excitement of that historic night when they were in their 20s now in their 60s and 70s. We did the exact program of 1938 with the same music all brown from the Library Of Congress with notes scribbled on my parts by Harry James 21 years old at the time. If one could ever turn back time this is as close as you can get.
available on iTunes, Amazon , CD Baby and on Glenn Zottola “A Jazz Life” anthology.

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