Glenn Zottola’s first recording on Tenor Saxophone “I Can’t Believe You Are In Love With Me”

This is my very first time ever I was recorded on tenor sax. All this nice response to my tenor album got me searching my archives. I did a tribute to Count Basie for Butch Miles 35 years ago. Great band Butch on drums , Milt Hinton , The great Freddie Green on guitar, John Bunch on piano myself and Marky Markowitz on trumpets and Frank Wess and George Anders on Tenor. I brought my tenor to the session not sure why was just starting to fool with it. Marky took the first trumpet solo and I was supposed to take the second one but got so inspired by the tenor battle with Frank Wess and George I pulled the tenor out of the case and took a solo on tenor from the trumpet section after they finished ! Amazing the producer allowed that surprise and made a note of it in the liner notes !

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