Glenn Zottola – Carnegie Hall “Shine”

Carnegie Hall 1988 a packed house the 50th anniversary of the historic Benny Goodman 1938 concert another high point in my career. Same exact program as 1938 sitting in Harry James chair all night playing lead trumpet and jazz. The music was from the library of congress with handwritten notes on my part’s by Harry who was 21 years old at the time. Harry was enamored with Louis Armstrong and wanted take a shot at a short version of Shine a big hit for Louie. I played my own solo that night not Harry’s. Isaac Stern did the intermission and much to my surprise he was big jazz fan talked about 52nd street when he first came to NY. Benny’s daughter gave Issac Benny’s clarinet for the Carnegie Hall archives at the end of the night the first time jazz was every in Carnegie Hall. I put this track on my anthology didn’t know it was ever recorded until someone who was there gave me a tape 25 years later !

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