Glenn Zottola 57th Grammy Entry “Remembering Clifford Brown”

Here is the story on my Clifford Brown tribute album. It was 1961 and I was 13 years old doing my first big jazz gig at the Atlantic City Jazz Festival on the bill with the legendary Dinah”The Queen” Washington , Oscar Peterson, Gerry Mulligan and Art Blakey. It’s like yesterday standing in the wings at 13 years old waiting to go on for my set memorized watching Dinah sing. Dinah recorded “I remember Clifford” a song written for Clifford shortly after his tragic death in that car accident almost 60 years ago at 25 years old which shocked the jazz world. I used her 1957 track and had my arranger add on a chorus for me for the last song on my album to pay homage to Clifford who changed my musical life very emotional for me. Here is the track check out the lyrics :

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