Glenn Zottola’s 57th Grammy Entry Remembering Clifford Brown “Memories Of You”

In 1956 almost 60 years ago one of the greatest jazz trumpeters in history Clifford Brown died in a tragic car accident at 25 years old that shocked the jazz world. Just prior to that fateful event Clifford recorded a historic string album that I wore out when I was a kid. I had my arranger transcribe all the original Neil Hefti arrangements and I revisited this work recording my own solos with Clifford’s spirit as he changed my musical life. I did this all with no music by memory. This album has been submitted in the jazz category for your consideration available on CD Baby and iTunes to listen further. This was a very emotional project for me. Peace.

2 thoughts on “Glenn Zottola’s 57th Grammy Entry Remembering Clifford Brown “Memories Of You”

  1. Glenn my childhood friend and musician.
    The two renditions that you did absolutely phenomenal.
    I could feel you in my heart and in my soul and I also had some tears in my eyes at the same time it was that good.
    I’m going to send it out to several friends and musicians that we both know so they can get a little taste of what great music is and it all comes from you.
    You’re like wine so fine and most of all articulate with every note.


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