“Chick Sessions”

Glenn Zottola and Chick CoreaI have been so fortunate in my career to become friends with and make music with many legends. Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Torme, Gerry Mulligan just to name a few. There is one living legend in Jazz who is still at the top of his game and who is also a dear friend, Chick Corea, who is up for 5 Grammys this year 2013 and 62 lifetime nominations tied with John Williams just behind Quincy Jones and Henry Mancini which for someone who has dedicated himself to art and jazz his whole life is beyond belief.  I am quite honored that Chick approved posting of these tracks below that I would like to include someday  in an anthology of my life’s work.  Interesting story on this first tune “But Not For Me”, and why jazz is such an amazing art form.  I get a call one night from Chick late and he says “what are you doing?”, I say I am tired and going to bed.  He says “why don’t you grab your horns and come over the house”, which I did as when someone at the level of Chick Corea requests your presence you don’t say no as it is like getting a call from Mozart !  So I show up at his house and he has his trio there who I never met before and he has been rehearsing for a tour.  He says graciously “what do you want to play” and I say how about “But Not For Me” the Miles Davis arrangement.  We do one take and then a second tune “Walkin” and I pack up and go back home and go to bed.  The next day Chick hands me a tape as he recorded it and this is what I hear below.  This music is of the highest level aesthetically. Enjoy! Glenn

But Not For Me

The following tracks follow the trio session and are some “casual” sessions we did at Chicks house very unique as you will here Chick not on Piano but playing Drums with the flavor of Elvin Jones and Marimba on Autumn Leaves !!  The bass player is the great Avishai Cohen who was the bassist in Chicks trio at the time.  This is the way I started musicians getting together and truly “playing” for no other purpose than having fun and communicating with with each other.  I am playing alto, tenor and trumpet.  Enjoy it as I did ! Glenn

Another track “Everything Happens To Me”   with me playing tenor and alto , Avishai Cohen on bass  and Chick on drums .

Everything Happens To Me :

A little “quip” here and had to put it on as such amazing piano playing from Chick reminding of an album Art Tatum did with Ben Webster.

Don’t blame me :

Quite awhile back I asked Chick to make me a track to overdub  when I first started experimenting with Tenor.  He came back from tour and said he heard Sonny Rollins play this song and thought about me which was very nice.  He did this track all by himself off the cuff for me playing drums and everything else and gave me a tape to play with.

They Say That Falling In love Is Wonderful :

4 thoughts on ““Chick Sessions”

  1. Wow , thank you Glenn. Absolutely beautiful. Love it.
    Incredible music. Loved it then and now.


  2. Amazing music of the highest order.. Glenn you are a true legend …I arrived here trawling the net for a 62C and I’m glad I did…beautiful music …you guys are a true inspiration.


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