Oceanlight Records Interview, Part 4

OL: Glad to have You back, Glenn… this being Part 4 of our 7 day Interview for OL’s Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series. We’re at the segment Interview feature, where we introduce a ‘one word’ Interview question to You, Glenn, and if you can you please playback a One-word Commentary Note for the OL Visitors, that would be cool!

OL: Blow?

Glenn Zottola: The Trumpet!

OL: Memories?

Glenn Zottola: My life in music.

OL: Lights?

Glenn Zottola: Television.

OL: Clifford?

Glenn Zottola: It’s hard to do. I have so much emotion, connected with Clifford.

OL: If You had to choose one word, what would it be?

Glenn Zottola: My Heart

OL: Young?

Glenn Zottola: Me, as a kid.

OL: Contrast?

Glenn Zottola: Jazz.

OL: Mountain?

Glenn Zottola: A Career.

OL: Instrumental?

Glenn Zottola: Orchestra

OL: Illumination?

Glenn Zottola: The audience.

OL: Cool?

Glenn Zottola: Miles Davis

OL: Thank you very much Glenn, for coming on as our Special Guest Artist. Is there any music commentary you’d like to share with the viewers, in concluding this OL Interview 4 of 7 segment?

Glenn Zottola: My commentary, is that I think what OL is doing, subjectively for me, is a fantastic service. I want to applaud Oceanlight Records for providing a wonderful platform, so an Artist can just tell a story. I think that it’s a wonderful thing. I wish there was more of it.

OL: Thank you so much, Glenn, and we thank you for being a special part of it. and we have more to share with our OL Viewers, as far as our joy of having You on our Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series. We look forward tomorrow in Part 5 of this 7 part Oceanliner Notes Weekly Interview, as Jazz Trumpeter/Saxophonist Musician Great…Glenn Zottola tells us about the successful run of Glenn Zottola Productions Co., with his Production Business Partner, Bandleader Drummer Bobby Rosengarden of the Dick Cavett Show, & keeping it in the Family, with a special music project with his Brother Trumpeter great, Bob Zottola & more… Thank you all for visiting OL’s Oceanliner Notes Weekly!

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