Suzanne Somers and Glenn Zottola “Sing, Sing, Sing”

It’s obvious watching this Video the fun that Suzanne and I had and she was definetly a great foil on stage. But beyond that on the inside there are 3 elements here for me that are why i got into music and this comes from early Louis Armstrong who was my first inspiration and mentor beside my dad.  Louie combined not only being a great and powerful jazz trumpet player (the greatest of all time) but also an entertainer and bandleader with a real element of “showbusiness”  as is obvious in his famous 1934 footage of “Dinah” in Denmark something worth checking out on you tube.   For me Suzanne and the TV show gave me that  type of platform that the straight jazz world didn’t and i had a ball !  Glenn

10 thoughts on “Suzanne Somers and Glenn Zottola “Sing, Sing, Sing”

  1. I am in awe of you Susan and your voice. Keep it going I want to hear more. I am a fan of Louis Armstrong too.


    1. Thanks Sarah and for sure Louis was amazing and led the way for everyone.
      Tony Bennet once said that Louis set the standard for all singers with his phrasing.


  2. Very hot! Cookin!. I didn’t remember Suzanne singing and scatting that expertly. Lotta soul for a great-looking white chick. And Glenn – you are one amazing trumpeter.
    Andrea, Los Angeles


    1. Thanks Andrea and yes Suzanne is a naturel and a very quick learner. She has a love for the music and naturel phrasing easy to make music with. If you look at some of those TV clips you see her in various settings impromptu and we had very little if no time to to reheaserse. I have many more clips I will try to post in the future.



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