New Releases and the Future

I have recorded several albums these last 3 years see flyer below some  geared towards the musician on Music Minus One label and some for fans and listeners Classic Jazz label.  These are paying tribute to the jazz legends that made me what i am.  These are being offered at a discount for fans and friends by the record label contact Steve Rose directly at 914-592-1188 at  label if you are interested in any of these releases also they all will be on iTunes etc.  One album Glenn Zottola in particular is my anthology  “a jazz life” and has selected cuts from 50 albums starting with my first when i was 16 years old and spanning 53 years including tracks with Chick Corea , Suzanne Somers , Peggy Lee , Maxine Sullivan , Zoot Sims , Milt Hinton, Carnegie Hall, TV show etc. and many others.  I am going to be shifting over to posting on my website which automatically goes to Facebook ,  Linkedin and Twitter.  There is already a lot of Video’s on my website from my TV show with Suzanne Somers at Universal Studios loaded with Celebrities that came on the show.  Also there are sessions posted at Chick Corea’s studio and others under the jam session tab.   For Phase 2  I am going to go through my archives and post more things of interest i find plus possibly record more in my studio and share it on the website. I welcome everyone to go to and check it out and yes please respond I love to hearing from all of you.



1. MMO.CJ GlennZottola SS12.13FRONT

MMO.CJ GlennZottola SS12.13BACK

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