Suzanne Somers and Glenn Zottola “But Beautiful” Full Version

I was talking to a friend telling him about my 7 years with Suzanne Somers which was wonderful.  I have played with a lot of great singers starting with sharing the bill with Dinah Washington when i was 13 years old at Atlantic City Jazz Festival and later Sinatra , Tony Bennet , Mel Torme , Ella , Peggy Lee , Joe Williams and Maxinne Sullivan.   I actually love working with singers (some jazz players don’t)  as they tell stories and that is what I try to do on my horn. Suzanne is known as an actress first but she loved jazz and was a natural.   We had a special rapport or “simpatico” as her husband called it  and never “collided” musically.  I played this track for my buddy Chick Corea and he said something I never thought about before “your comping for her”.  Pianists  do that all the time (the good ones)  but it is a lost art for horn players knowing how to fill the holes. The old greats like Lester Young with Billie Holiday and Ben Webster and Getz with Astrud and Joao Gilberto knew how to do it.  This is the track in full that  Chick commented on.  Amazing as of all the things I have done in my career I am very proud of the “aesthetics” on this one.

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