Classic Jazz Trio Live

This is the Classic Jazz Trio “live” at the Rotherham Arts Center in England that i would like to release someday.  The Jazz Titans CD recently released on the Classic Jazz Label is the studio recording of the band when it was first formed also wonderful.  We did a grueling 35 concert tour after that recording in 30 days and the intensity just kept building as only a live performance can do.  Mark Shane was playing at Teddy Wilson’s level in his prime and I was capturing Benny Goodman’s intensity that I vividly remember from working with him.  This Idea all started for me after working in Benny’s sextet for 2 years and he still had that intensity.  I vividly remember one thing i will never forget as Benny would play “The world Is Waiting For The Sunrise”  at  breakneck speed and at one point he would wave the whole band out except just him and guitar and I was amazed as the Intensity did not drop at all which was a real tribute to his time and swing.  I wanted this trio to capture the intensity of his historic trio with Teddy Wilson and Krupa and I feel we certainly achieved that as one can hear from this track and what a great audience this was which certainly helps.


After You’ve Gone :

5 thoughts on “Classic Jazz Trio Live

    1. hi Pam ! Sorry i fixed that so you can hear it now. Not a video just a track. would love to find a video of that band. Refresh my memory where did we meet ? Healthy 2013. Glenn


      1. You used to live in NYC? I can’t remember exactly when or where we met… but I’ve been playing trumpet in NYC since 1980… Maybe watching a B’way book with Joe Shepley? a big band somewhere? Ahh, memory cells….


      2. Hi Pam ! Yes NY in 1980 maybe Shepley who knows memory cells but I am very good if I have details. Did a bunch of Broadway and jazz clubs and then left that scene for full time jazz until TV in LA. Tell where you have worked which might jog my memory ? Glenn


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