Story about Glenn Miller

The Glenn Miller Band was the first band that I went on the road with when I was 17 years old. Obviously Glenn Miller was gone and great clarinetist Buddy Defranco was leading the band.  Many years later I was on tour in England with Peanuts Hucko and we were playing for the Glenn Miller society.  As you might know Glenn was huge in England and very loved as they used to broadcast from there during the war giving so much relief through music.  Peanuts was in that band during that time and had such wonderful stories.
Anyway after the gig one night a lady came up to me to tell me how much she loved my playing. She then proceeded to tell me she worked in the tower at the airport the night Glenn took off to fly over the English Channel to get to a gig.  She said she went up to him and begged him not to take off as she knew he wasn’t going to make it because of weather and other factors but he did anyway.  As we all know he never arrived on the other side that fateful night.


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