Beauty is one of the most important factors to me in music.  One could say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that is true but for me beauty has a definite “wavelength” very high, fine and exquisite.  I guess the reverse would be ugliness which to me is dark and rough, jagged and coarse.  I find that ballads are the perfect vehicle to create beauty and we used to say if one could play a ballad you would own the audience.  Not so sure if that is true today but when I create beauty time stops and everything becomes very still inside.  It is a glorious (beautiful) sensation to experience and one of my favorite things about making music.  You can create that wavelength even when playing fast and a perfect example is Charlie Parker’s lines on his string album which is total beauty- listen to his intro on “Just Friends”.  I recommend trying it and splurging on it as the world could definitely use as much beauty as you can pump out and it would be a better place for sure.


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