Peggy Lee and Glenn Zottola

Love Held Lightly

Recorded Aug 29th and Sept 2 1988

Love Held Lightly

What an honor to do this album with Peggy. This was one of her last albums and she wanted to do a jazz album of rare Harold Arlen songs that have not been heard that much. What an amazing band with Myself , Ken Peplowski , George Masso , Phil Bodner along with Jay Leonhart and Grady Tate. The arrangements were beautifully done by pianist Keith Ingam who i had done several of Maxinne Sullivan’s albums with prior. Funny story as i had not met Peggy before this session and we really hit it off not only musically but telling each other Benny Goodman stories. She said to me “do you know what Benny paid me for my big hit that i wrote “Why don’t you do me right”  ?   I knew what might be coming but was shocked when she said $25.00 including the session !   Peggy’s health was not good and she did this album in a wheel cheer but her spirit was great and that voice unmistakable. Also i mentioned t her all my work with Maxinne Sullivan and she said Maxinne was a huge influence on her and i never thought of it before but i can definetly see the similarily in her style with Maxinne with that light no effort natural swinging approach they both have delivering a song in it’s most simple beautiful way like Billie Holiday check out “got to wear you off my mind”. These are moments that make it all worth it. One more thing kind of inside and i hope Peggy wouldn’t mind me related this story. She did this album in a wheelchair due to her health with a nurse in the studio. She told me she got TB years ago in Europe and only had one lung. The point i want to make was her spirit was so beautiful at the session we laughed and told stories and she sang her heart out. Try to imagine me sitting there seeing Peggy Lee with all her glorious history in a wheelchair singing the very last tune on this album  “My Shining Hour” just her and John Chiodini on guitar and check out the lyrics of this song as she departed shortly after and what a statement.   What i way to sign off and  I will never forget that moment !  I feel so fortunate to have had these experiences. Glenn

Got To Wear You Off My Mind :

My Shining Hour :

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