New Release “Tribute To Charlie Parker”

This is the 3rd Album soon to be released with a combination of orchestra and strings and small group to give a nice spectrum of settings Charlie Parker recorded in.   “Moonlight In Vermont” is the opening song of this album and is one of my favorites and has that classic 50s string feel of the era.  The small group track which is next is “lady be good” and what a ball playing with this Rhythm section that included really tasteful pianist  Don Abney along with jazz legends Oscar Pettiford and Kenny Clarke real stars from the Golden Age of Jazz who played extensively with Charlie Parker.  The last track “i’m in the mood for love” is a beautiful arrangement slightly more contemporary that i am sure Charlie Parker would of loved to blow on as i did. Click “Go to Full Album” below to read more on this project and Charlie Parker .  Glenn

Sample Tracks:

Moonlight In Vermont – with strings

Lady Be Good – small group

I’m In The Mood For Love – with strings

Go to full album

5 thoughts on “New Release “Tribute To Charlie Parker”

  1. Glenn Zottola has all that any jazz musician could ever ask for, incredible ears, and plays always in the best of taste at the drop of a hat . We should all aspire to this level of virtuosity.

    Ira Nepus


    1. Thanks Ira that means a lot coming from my favorite trombone player who just finished a beautiful vintage album with Paul McCartney ! Keep swinging 🙂

      your buddy,


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