RS Berkeley Instruments and Rico Reeds

Thorough the years i have been involved with several companies and instruments. I Recently i teamed up with Les Silver who is a dear friend and president of RS Berkeley Instruments. He had a dream to not only develop beautiful vintage saxophones but preserve the sound of the great legends in jazz by reproducing the mouthpieces they played. I am very honored that he will be making available my personal trumpet mouthpiece i have used on all my recordings and television through the years which is a tribute to my dad who was a master brass mouthpiece maker. Also in coordination with Stan Getz’s daughter Bev Getz and Charlie Parker’s daughter Kim he has released the mouthpieces of those 2 legends with more to follow. On the tenor album i just completed i played the RS Berkeley Virtuoso Tenor Saxophone and the Stan Getz Legend series mouthpiece shown in this photo both a joy to play. Also i have played Rico reeds exclusively for 40 years and they have always come through for me in every situation and i  finally hooked up with them on a official endorsement basis. Both these companies beside having truly great products are some of the nicest people to do business with. For more information go to the links on the right of my website.  Glenn

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