Family and Career

When you are young and on your way up you kind of have tunnel vision to keep it moving as it is intense expecially in the music business which is not like a normal job. I just became a grandfather and i found this clip in my archives as i am always looking for things to include on this journey. That is my daughter at the end of the concert coming up on stage and i can’t believe she is grown up now with a baby. She is a wonderful visual artist now and thank god she didn’t continue her trumpet career by copying me any further ! Some great players here Marty Napoleon on piano who was with Louie Armstrong for years , Linc Milliman on bass also a great player and good friend who was on my first album at Eddie Condons , Ray Mosca on drums played with everybody including Gerry Mulligan and Oscar Peterson and Harold Ousley on Tenor Sax.

3 thoughts on “Family and Career

  1. What a cutie! And Glenn, unbelievable videos… especially love the one of you at 13. Wow, very impressive!!!!


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