Bob Wilber / Glenn Zottola

Here is one on found on you tube of the Bechet Legacy :


For all you die hard drum fans this is the one for you ! Butch Miles is probably the greatest drummer since Buddy Rich and has been the driving force of the Count Basie band for many years. We have done a lot together on many albums and concerts and I am on several of his albums and he is on many of mine along with other albums we have done together with other jazz artists. I formed a quartet with Butch in 1981 called “Mainstream” and we did a live album after a long run at a jazz club with that band and then i joined Bob Wilber to form the “Bechet Legacy” and brought Butch into that group. I found this the other night on You Tube and didn’t know it existed. Check out this drum solo from a gig we did in England and the amazing “relaxed control” Butch has on his instrument – wow !
I can tell when you have Butch Miles in the Ryhthm section you have no worry about “time”and he is one of the sweetess guys you could ever meet !



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