Steve Allen Plays Jazz Tonight

Steve was an amazing talent in many ways and a true lover of jazz. He first heard me on an album i did for bassist Jim Dejulio where he used his favorite players me being one of them to guest on one tune each. After hearing that album Steve insisted Concord Records use me on his album. When i arrived at the session the band was truly and all star lineup with Ken Peplowski on sax and clarinet , Howard Alden on guitar along with Frankie Capp on drums and Chuck Berghoffer on bass. Funny scene as Steve really didn’t say anything and there were no arrangements and he just sat down at the piano and started playing. Ken and i were quietly singing riffs to each other during the takes making up arrangements on the spot welcome to the jazz world ! Interesting story behind this also as many years prior Carl Jefferson founder of Concord Records who has done a lot for jazz sent his A&R man to come to NY to meet with me with the idea of signing me to the label. After much discussion he said it would be a lot easier to market you if you played trumpet or saxophone. I said let me get this straight you are asking me to give up an ability only 3 people on the planet have to solve a marketing problem ? In any case i ended up walking from the deal. Years later after the session for Steve was complete Carl Jefferson came up to me and said you sound great and sorry what happened years ago and would you like to record for me now and i said absolutely. Unfortunately Carl passed before that came to fruition. Glenn

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