Christmas in Jazztime

Christmas in JazztimeI loved doing this Christmas Album which was unfortunately never re-issued on CD with all my dear friends and some real jazz legends that are no longer here with us. I went to my friend Rick Petrone who was the program director for the jazz station in Stamford CT WYRS and they helped on funding the project along with Dreamstreet Records as a holiday promotion.  Everyone was extremely busy with various bands like Count Basie and Duke Ellington so i scheduled the session in NYC on a day everyone was in town and even I had to fly in from out of town to do the session.  I sat down with my dear friend George Masso an amazing trombone player and arranger one day on the beach when we were doing the Sarasota Jazz festival together and told him what I had in mind for the album and he certainly delivered.  At the session that day we did the entire album in 7 hours straight no prior rehearsal unheard of !

Funny story there was a set up guy in the studio and after we were done he came up to me in shock.  He said “I have never seen anything like this before and last week we had a rock band in here (Famous name I won’t mention) and they spent 1 full week trying to get a balance on the drums and you just did an entire album in 7 hours”.  That’s what happens when you have total pros and they gave their all for me that day as it is very intense doing a whole album in one day and I very much appreciated it.

7 thoughts on “Christmas in Jazztime

  1. We(The jazz people) are waiting for the X-mas CD.. When ?????
    Bengt Nilsson
    Taby, Stockholm


    1. Hi Bengt ! I am pleased you like the Christmas album. I have it all re-mastered for CD and ready to go and I am just looking for a record label to put it out. Let me know if you know of anyone.



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