On This Album I used Norris Turney who was the lead alto player in the Duke Ellington band.  Also I did a few originals one written by Harold Danko and another written by Mike Hall.  The great jazz writer and reviewer Leonard Feather gave this album 5 stars and remarked on my solo on “Stardust” that had Louis Armstong as inspiration which felt very good.

1 thought on “Stardust

  1. I found a test pressing of this LP,complete with a memo from Harry Lim to an “R.B.J”.(giving regards to Mabel).Mention is made of which side the alto players are heard.Glenn is on the left and Norris on the right,but even on the memo they were reversed and the mistake was crossed out instead of using Wite Out.A solid effort,with Feather’s rating spot on.:”100% meat.Not a speck of cereal”,as they used to say in the dog food ads.


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