Butch Miles Salutes Count Basie

What a thrill to do this album with all these stars. I will never will forget seeing Freddie Greens hands around the neck of his guitar after playing Rhythm Guitar for Basie for 50 years. I never met Freddie before and after the first tune in which i had a trumpet solo i overheard him turn to Milt Hinton and say “he reminds me of Buck” meaning Buck Clayton.  It is hard to describe how that made me feel. I brought a tenor and played it on “I can’t Believe” sitting in the trumpet section what a sight as i was inspired !   Harry Lim was so great giving me freedom to do these wild things.  Interesting array of solos on this one.   I am playing a tenor solo 3rd on “i can’t believe” after Frank Wess and George Anders trade back and forth.  I am playing a trumpet and alto solo both on “afternoon of some Basie-Ites.  I am playing alto on the ballad Medley on “these foolish things”.  Whew!!

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