Glenn Zottola on the Ted Mack Show at 13 years old

This is where it all started as far as the big time on national TV and it is amazing 30 years later I found myself full circle after doing everything in music from Broadway , Carnegie Hall and travelling the world as a jazz player and recording back on TV as Bandleader on the Suzanne Somers show at Universal Studios. This was a great experience and the show was the American Idol of its day and many acts like Sinatra and Johnny Mathis came through this show.  I toured for a year with the show after becoming a 3 time winner and then played Madison Square Garden for 30,000  people in the final playoff.  I guess I peaked early and don’t know if I could hit that high note today unless I had some Geritol that you see in the backround as I was playing !  What a wild life and I wouldnt trade a minute of it.  Glenn

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